June 2019

What is Python?

Python is high level, general purpose and well interpreted programming language founded in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. Currently and also in near future from what trends suggests Python as computer language has a wide variety of applications. This is mainly because it has dynamic typing, high level data structures and also dynamic binding and also several unique features that supports and enables development of complex applications.

All the components within Python programming language are well connected and therefore it could be extended to make it compatible to most of the operating systems run on code written in C or C++. The very concept of using a small core language with a standard library revolutionized the model and in turn became ubiquitous all over the world.

It has also been adjudged as a more productive language than Java as it is seen to be pithy, that is brief and full of meaning. Its language philosophy can be understood as stated here.

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated

Only a few above lines would enable you to make out why its aphorism holds good. The above serves only as an example as there are numerous as it goes on and on.

Dynamism of Python as Computer Language

python programming

As stated earlier, Python is a dynamic interpreted language and therefore its design and use emphasizes code readability and this is especially noticeable because of its use of large amount of white space. This very construct of Python helps the programmers write clear languages for computers in any kind of organization having small projects or large projects. Besides, it almost always supports multiple programs that may include either object oriented, procedural or functional.

If you are a professional programmer then you may use Python for desktop applications and web applications. It is embedded with features so as to facilitate programmers with data analysis and visualization. It is in fact the best when it comes to speedy application development if so needed by small or large scale organization.

Programmers all over the world love Python as a program because of its versatility. This means that you may be used for infrastructure testing to install complex applications. Literally speaking you may do anything and everything with Python. For instance, you may verify IT infrastructure state, create a high standard video game and even create interactive data science tutorials.

Again, it is a language that is able to extend to other computing languages as it is made to run on multiple platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux. It has also been successfully ported to .NET and Java too. This makes Python an exceptionally good language as it is easy and free and remains as open source program.

In other words, all modern versions of Python has been copyrighted and certified by the Open Source Initiative. Although you may find the Python logo still this computer language has allowed programmers to customize as and when they desire.

Advantage Galore for Programmers

python language advantages vs disadvantages

One of the main advantages that programmers get from Python is that it has loads of third party modules. This means that it is capable of interacting with other third parties languages and platforms and hence programmers needn’t consider it something as solo option only. This makes it a real breeze for programmers when they install it for small and large enterprises.

The other great thing about Python is that it offers extensive support through its libraries. It is said that its standard library offers a lot of options including areas like internet protocol, web service tools, operating system interfaces and string operations. You may therefore reduce the tedious option of writing lengthy codes as this has already been scripted into Python’s standard library.

It allows ease of learning and offers excellent support for even beginners. If you are new to any language then Python is your best source of learning as it is readable and has uncluttered syntax to make things easy for them. You will find that PEP 8 and guidelines for code style that standardizes a set of rules that formatting of code is quite easy.

All programmers are basically awed by Pythons speed and fast delivery mechanism. In fact, its object oriented design coupled with enhanced process control system offers immense possibilities for quick integration and text capabilities such that speed of the language for general interaction is awesome. You might be surprised by certain apps and websites that use Python. Bumble is an example of a dating app that takes advantage of the power of Python.

Python is an open source programming language and therefore free to be used. Its development is driven by community and not by individuals and therefore offers more potential in the future. Even currently it offers data structure embedded into the language that reduces run time.

To sum up you may carry out GUI based desk top applications, image processing and graphic design, games, web applications and their framework and for enterprise and business application and much more with Python. … Read the rest