What is CSS and How is it Useful?

CSS is an acronym that stands for cascading style sheets and refers to a set of instructions that controls the appearance of a web page. The formatting principles of CSS are supported by most browsers include Firefox and IE3. In comparison with HTML, CSS provides more formatting options and finer tuning for instance, instead of being stuck with 7 font sizes one can simply use an infinite number of sizes and combinations.

The most important principles of CSS is the content structure as well as the visual structure. It may be a puzzle however, CSS requires one to identify the title of the page and on a separate file sheet tell what the title should look like. These tools can be used on all or some of the pages. In case you are not impressed all you need to do is change the style sheet and all the pages will change. The advantage with CSS is that the person that is creating the style sheet and the person that is creating content that is put on the HTML page don’t have to be on the same place. One important principle that should always be remembered though is the fact that the CSS formatting should be uniform for your website.

What you can do with CSS

CSS style sheet can be used to build a layout or adjust the size and color of your headings well as positioning of your pictures. This can be programmed into pages being programmed instead of having to input the same coding into each web page manually. CSS keeps your web page clean hence you won’t have a problem with the search engines.

Learning CSS

CSS is the easiest part of web designing. As a beginner you will be overwhelmed by the numerous number of materials however learning CSS is not that heard. At the start it is important to understand what CSS entails what is achieved through CSS. Keep it in mind that you will be required to have some basic knowledge of java script and side scripting languages. Learn and understand HTML as well as its DOM models. Having proper knowledge of the DOM model will help you apply selectors which is the main part of the CSS syntax.

The syntax of CSS is divided into two that is the selector and declaration. When it comes to CSS the first thing that you need to do is identify the HTML part that is affected which is the selector and then identify what needs to be changed this forms the declarations. The art of learning CSS is divided into two distinct areas. There is the CSS elements and best practices. When you have a good understanding of the CSS elements and practices then you will be on your way to creating a web page using CSS.

CSS has many applications where it is used in the design of web pages to improve the appearance of web pages. It is also used by gamers to improve the graphics of the game. So with CSS you aren’t going to be able to create a dating app like Tinder or a hookup app like Fuckbook. However, for web design it is really a great skill to have. … Read the rest


What is PHP Useful For?

Before we start learning what is PHP useful for, we should first know a little bit about PHP. PHP, the Hypertext Pre-processor is one of the famous web languages of server-side scripting. This dynamic language can help a lot in creating web pages. PHP language makes it easy for one to do a lot of tasks on a web server. It is also being used for writing desktop applications. Many web developers use this programming language for web development and the development of web applications also. There are not just one or two benefits of PHP language. It offers many benefits and is useful in different ways. Also, it is easy to learn and is user friendly as well. Below, we have mentioned different reasons why PHP is useful for us.

For Ecommerce sites – If you want to make your E-commerce site or want to make an E-commerce application, you should use the PHP framework. Generally, people start coding from scratch but if you know how to implement the framework of PHP, you can go with it. These days you will find many people who are looking for different types of E-commerce sites for their business. As E-commerce sites can drive huge profit and business, resulting in a more online income. So, if you are pro in PHP language, you can make use of it in building these E-commerce sites.

For building online community or forums – These days most of the websites which provide any kind of services or are selling any products or if they are the entertainment websites, they want their customers and users to interact with each other and to stay connected with the business too. There are some websites which are made with the purpose of discussions only and you will find different forums where people are discussing their problems or the brand or the website. This not just promotes interaction between the users of the website, but it also helps in promoting the business, when the users discuss about one or the other product. And this all can be made possible with the help of PHP. Most of the web developers who create such forums and start the work from scratch, they prefer to use PHP framework only. A website like social meeting website like POF would be a good

For creating or modifying cookies – If you are using the internet or web from a long time, you must be aware of the cookies. Whenever we visit any website, the cookies are being used. Large websites such as Amazon to smaller one person operated websites use cookies. Sometimes they are being used for identifying the user, sometimes they are being used for storing the user’s data and preferences. This is helpful, as it stores the information and the next time the user will visit the website, there will be no requirement of entering the date again until and unless it is not deleted. Be it creating the cookies or modifying them or deleting them, PHP helps in doing all these things.

For collecting information from user – PHP is very helpful when it comes to collecting any kind of information from the user, as it can help the user in direct interaction with the script. It can be collecting a text which the user wants to translate from one language to another or it can be collecting the mathematic unit which the user wants to convert into another unit. All these tasks can be performed easily with the help of PHP. A dating app which is designed to help people meet and fuck must collect user information to pair people up locally and by their preferences which were previously collected. PHP can be valuable for this.

For Content Management Systems – PHP is one such language that can be used for creating a Content Management System. It also makes helpful for a user or a website owner to make use of the content management system easily. Even if the user doesn’t have knowledge about the programming languages or HTML or CSS, with a good content management system, they can still add new content to their website or can update it.

For creating WordPress plugins – If you have used the WordPress, and you are well aware of how it works, then you must be aware of the different plugins that are used for different types of blogs and content management. So, if you know PHP, you can easily create different plugins for WordPress. There are many tutorials also available over the internet, which helps people in developing or creating WordPress Plugins using PHP language.… Read the rest

jQuery Explained

jQuery – Write less do more!

When you want to start a website you know how frustrating it can be. There is so much to write, and so much to insert, like animations and so on. Not to mention the coding that has to be done, it will take copious amounts of time, and will just be too much to deal with especially if you are on a time crunch. When you are coding you have to deal with many factors, which will consume too much time, like filling in the white space, and so on. Maintaining efficiency is extremely important, it allows you to get everything you need done in a short amount of time, but still being effective to the production as much as possible. If you’re building a website then you probably know it has to be done through a programming language. Which is a type of language which computers use, there can be many languages. One of them being JavaScript. This is a quite popular one, and many people use it to build their websites. But sometimes it will also require a bit of help, so that they can get it built efficiently, yet at a fast rate. This is where jQuery comes into play, here it is, jQuery explained.

What is jQuery?

So this works with a programming language called JavaScript, it is a small, fast, cross-platform and a feature in JavaScript. The main purpose of this is to simply the client-side scripting of HTML. It will provide an easy way to use JavaScript so that website can be made more attractive, and more interactive as well. The use of this will make things like manipulation, animation, event handling, AJAX, and HTML document traversal simple to use with API that can be used on many browsers. When you here jQuery, it will be associated by the following, “write less do more.” As if it is the slogan for it. It’s like this because it takes a lot of common tasks and binds all of them together so that it will be on a single line of code.

There are many feature when it comes to this, like:

  • Utilities
  • HTML manipulation
  • DOM manipulation
  • CSS manipulation
  • DOM element manipulation
  • AJAX
  • JSON Parsing
  • Extensibility through plug-ins
  • Effects and animations

Why is it needed?

You got jQuery explained, but the question that may still be on your mind is why is it needed? Well there are different substitutes that you can use, like AJAX, but people still use this, there are actually many famous brands that use jQuery, like IBM, Netflix, Google, Microsoft and more. The reason why more people use this is that first of all it is extremely fast, and extensible, so you can gain that advantage from there. Plus it allows users to write code using a minimum amount of lines, so that there isn’t so much. It would also improve the performance of the applications, it won’t be that slow, your pages will load faster. Which is good when it comes to SEOs. Furthermore the compatible web applications can also be developed. And there are plenty of new features of new browsers, so people can use all the latest stuff. You can also add in animations, and effects that will help your website me more attractive. Overall it is extremely simple, hence the reason why so many people are dependent on it, it doesn’t require much work.

The More You Know

When you are considering on using this you consider its advantages, and how it will help you out, but you also want to consider more than that. Sometimes there can be limited capabilities compared to the native mobile applications. And it could have issues with navigating as well. Also there are no set standards, so if you are the developer, or you don’t have the time, money, and the ability to fix the issues you may never be able to fix them. Some of them can be incompatible as well, and slow, and with it being a lightweight interface it may lead to issues in the future. And before you start to learn this you have to have a clear knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.… Read the rest

Intro To JavaScript

If you are in search of client-side scripting language, JavaScript is the right choice. This language is open source and it is supported in almost all browsers. This scripting language is mainly used for increasing the interaction of the user with the webpage.

Learn About JavaScript

JavaScript is a very popular and well-known client-side scripting language. If you want to enhance the interaction of the user with the given webpage, then you must choose JavaScript. By using this scripting language you can easily develop highly interactive and livelier webpages. You can choose this scripting language for mobile application development and game development as well. In fact it is very commonly used for adult apps and sites including hookup sites, any top fuckbook app, and meet and fuck games apps. Adult sites benefit from the flexibility which allows for multiple freelance developers to join a team at any point in a project.

History of JavaScript

In the year 1995 JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich. In initial days this language appeared in the browser called Netscape. In earlier days, JavaScript was known as LiveScript. The majority of programmers think that both Java and JavaScript are similar. But in reality, they are completely different. Java is one of the most complex programming languages but JavaScript is a scripting language mainly used on webpages. The JavaScript Syntax can be compared to that of C programming.

How can you run JavaScript?

The most important thing we need to understand is, JavaScript is a scripting language and it cannot run on its own. So, always you need to use a web browser for running JavaScript. When you request a webpage, for example, an HTML page containing JavaScript, the script is sent to the browser. Here browser will decide to execute it or not.

The best thing about JavaScript is almost all the modern browsers available support JavaScript. Hence, being a developer you need not worry about the browser used by your user or client. They may use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox there is no need to worry since JavaScript runs on all browsers. JavaScript is also compatible with all popular operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. So, there is no limitation associated with either browser or operating system when you make use of JavaScript.

Requirements of tools

For writing JavaScript, you need a text editor. So, once you finish the code, you need a browser for displaying the code written or the web page you developed. You can choose the text editors such as Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code. There are some more options like Atom and Sublime Text. When it comes to choosing a web browser, you can go for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google chrome.

Things you should know about JavaScript Engine

It is not easy to understand JavaScript engines since they are a bit complicated. But, their job is based on simple login and you can understand some basics about JavaScript engines. This engine reads the script written by you and it converts the same to machine language. This is nothing but a compilation of the code written. Once the machine code is ready it runs and produces the result. In every step, optimization will be applied by the JavaScript engine. When it reads the code before compiling it analyses the code and data which needs to be passed. When developing the machine code, it applies optimization. Once the optimization is applied properly, the machine runs code.

In-browser JavaScript

The functionality of the JavaScript is dependent on the environment it is running in. For example, if JavaScript is running in Node.js, then JavaScript can read and write arbitrary files. This is supported by the environment and in this environment it can also perform network requests and object-oriented functionalities. More than that, the roles played by JavaScript in server-side applications can vary compared to that of client-side applications.

When the JavaScript is in-browser, it gets support to perform too many things. It can interact with the user, it can manipulate the webpage, and it even talks to the webserver.


There are many benefits of JavaScript.

  • Based on the user profiles, JavaScript can display dynamic content
  • It can easily respond to user operations. For example, it can react to key presses, click events, a pointer movements
  • It supports many functionalities like interactive drop-down menus and auto-validated forms
  • Upload and download files an send requests to servers at a remote location
  • It is possible to created sound and movement using JavaScript


JavaScript is one of the very useful scripting languages. It has opened up several opportunities in webpage development. It is possible to create webpages with the best functionalities using JavaScript.… Read the rest

What is Python?

Python is high level, general purpose and well interpreted programming language founded in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. Currently and also in near future from what trends suggests Python as computer language has a wide variety of applications. This is mainly because it has dynamic typing, high level data structures and also dynamic binding and also several unique features that supports and enables development of complex applications.

All the components within Python programming language are well connected and therefore it could be extended to make it compatible to most of the operating systems run on code written in C or C++. The very concept of using a small core language with a standard library revolutionized the model and in turn became ubiquitous all over the world.

It has also been adjudged as a more productive language than Java as it is seen to be pithy, that is brief and full of meaning. Its language philosophy can be understood as stated here.

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated

Only a few above lines would enable you to make out why its aphorism holds good. The above serves only as an example as there are numerous as it goes on and on.

Dynamism of Python as Computer Language

python programming

As stated earlier, Python is a dynamic interpreted language and therefore its design and use emphasizes code readability and this is especially noticeable because of its use of large amount of white space. This very construct of Python helps the programmers write clear languages for computers in any kind of organization having small projects or large projects. Besides, it almost always supports multiple programs that may include either object oriented, procedural or functional.

If you are a professional programmer then you may use Python for desktop applications and web applications. It is embedded with features so as to facilitate programmers with data analysis and visualization. It is in fact the best when it comes to speedy application development if so needed by small or large scale organization.

Programmers all over the world love Python as a program because of its versatility. This means that you may be used for infrastructure testing to install complex applications. Literally speaking you may do anything and everything with Python. For instance, you may verify IT infrastructure state, create a high standard video game and even create interactive data science tutorials.

Again, it is a language that is able to extend to other computing languages as it is made to run on multiple platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux. It has also been successfully ported to .NET and Java too. This makes Python an exceptionally good language as it is easy and free and remains as open source program.

In other words, all modern versions of Python has been copyrighted and certified by the Open Source Initiative. Although you may find the Python logo still this computer language has allowed programmers to customize as and when they desire.

Advantage Galore for Programmers

python language advantages vs disadvantages

One of the main advantages that programmers get from Python is that it has loads of third party modules. This means that it is capable of interacting with other third parties languages and platforms and hence programmers needn’t consider it something as solo option only. This makes it a real breeze for programmers when they install it for small and large enterprises.

The other great thing about Python is that it offers extensive support through its libraries. It is said that its standard library offers a lot of options including areas like internet protocol, web service tools, operating system interfaces and string operations. You may therefore reduce the tedious option of writing lengthy codes as this has already been scripted into Python’s standard library.

It allows ease of learning and offers excellent support for even beginners. If you are new to any language then Python is your best source of learning as it is readable and has uncluttered syntax to make things easy for them. You will find that PEP 8 and guidelines for code style that standardizes a set of rules that formatting of code is quite easy.

All programmers are basically awed by Pythons speed and fast delivery mechanism. In fact, its object oriented design coupled with enhanced process control system offers immense possibilities for quick integration and text capabilities such that speed of the language for general interaction is awesome. You might be surprised by certain apps and websites that use Python. Bumble is an example of a dating app that takes advantage of the power of Python.

Python is an open source programming language and therefore free to be used. Its development is driven by community and not by individuals and therefore offers more potential in the future. Even currently it offers data structure embedded into the language that reduces run time.

To sum up you may carry out GUI based desk top applications, image processing and graphic design, games, web applications and their framework and for enterprise and business application and much more with Python. … Read the rest