jQuery MegaMenu 2

This is a sequel to the popular jQuery MegaMenu Plugin, with quiet a lot of changes in the code base and usability.

So whats new in jQuery MegaMenu 2

  • A completely revamped JS and CSS code-base.
  • Easier to use. (A lot simpler HTML and JS needs to be used to initiate the menu)
  • Customizable menu show and hide effects, with three available options of slideDown/slideUp, fadeIn/fadeOut and simple
  • Customizable menu activation and deactivation actions. Now you can choose to activate the menu by click or by mouseover
  • HoverIntent like feature embedded into the code-base so that we have smooth navigation by default without any external libraries.
  • Automatic alignment of the menu content according to the width of the parent menu container.
  • Variable width of the menu contents.
  • Non¬†obtrusive¬†and easier to understand CSS.

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