FireScope Grid

FireScope Grid is an open source (GNU Public License, v2) jQuery component that adds datagrid behaviors to your HTML tables, regardless of the server-side technology being used. Included in the plugin is a navigation bar that is automatically appended at the beginning or end of a table that enables users to page through results, filter results by any column or sorted on the fly without need to refresh the entire page.


  • Paging – Specify how many rows you want displayed at a time and the FireScope Grid will automatically generate navigation links to enable users to page through the results.
  • Sorting – FireScope Grid includes control over which columns users can sort by, including control of the default sort.
  • Filtering – AJAX capability enables on-the-fly filtering of results, with control over which columns to allow filtering.
  • Auto Refresh – AJAX capability enables automatic refresh at user selected intervals.
  • Configurable – Developers have complete control over which columns to allow filtering or sorting, paging of data sets as well as the look and feel of the plugin. Included CSS and icon files can be extended to fit the style of your website.

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