jQuery Slider plugin

jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin


  • from — [number] left limit
  • to — [number] right limit
  • step — [number] step of pointer
  • round — [number] how many numbers after comma
  • heterogeneity — [array] (percentage of place)/(value of place)
  • dimension — [string] show this after number
  • limits — [boolean] show or not limits
  • scale — [array] labels under slider, ‘|’ — show just line
  • skin — [string] if you define new skin, just write here his name, in sources defined blue skin for example
  • calculate — [function(value)] function to calculate final numbers, for example time.
  • onstatechange — [function(value)] function fires while slider change state.
  • callback — [function(value)] function fires on “mouseup” event.


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