jQuery Autocomplete

This script is based on jQuery Autocomplete plugin made by PengoWorks. It has many options and is quite easy to setup in your page. You can pass advanced options as a JavaScript object, hashes etc. It’s easily to edit the style of the dropdown result box, there are a couple of css classes. – You can use local arrays of data (in javascript arrays), so you don’t have to use AJAX to query your server – Limit you number of results dropdown to XX (good for limiting the results to users) – Autofill pre-populates text box as you type – New findValue() method can be used to programmatically determine if the value in the box is a valid option. (Useful for verifying the text entered is an existing value option.) – Dropdown options now correctly re-position themselves on each display (which means they adjust for changing to the DOM) – Dropdown box defaults to the width of the input field its attached to (you can manually specify a larger width as well) – Better emulates Windows autocomplete boxes (for example: hitting delete and retyping the same box will now bring back the dropdown menu)

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