3D Waterwheel Image Carousel

This jQuery plugin can display images with a cascading waterfall effect. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, and custom events can fired when an image rotates into the center or is clicked. The callback functions can be used to programatically trigger Lightbox-type effects, or load specific content into another region of the website. There are a lot of possibilities here.


  • Horizonal or vertical orientation.
  • Callback function for when an item enters the center position.
  • Callback function for when an item has been clicked.
  • Little CSS required.
  • Supports images of the SAME dimension only.
  • Speed, animation type, and item positions and distances are all tweakable.
  • Change the number of “flanking” items, as well as their opacity (you can turn transparency off as well).
  • Works in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and IE7+. Limited support for IE6.

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