jQuery validVal

jQuery.validVal is a plugin designed to simplify form validation. It is highly customizable, very feature rich and can easily be dropped on any type of HTML-form (even AJAX- and HTML5-forms) with very little effort.


  • Can be used for validating any kind of HTML-form, with very little effort.
  • Supports three default value-validations: “required”, “number” and “email-format”.
  • Easily extendable with custom value-validations.
  • Supplies a workaround for the lack of support for HTML5 attributes and type-values.
  • Great default “invalid-handler” that can be extended or customized.
  • Can validate multiple input-fields for corresponding values.
  • Enables a group of checkboxes to have at least one checkbox to be “required”.
  • Built in support for clearing the placeholder-value “onFocus”.
  • Automatically select the next input-field when the “maxlength” nth-character is entered.
  • Supplies a workaround for IE’s lack of support for the :focus-pseudoclass.

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