jtts Text to Speech Plugin

jtts was created with jPlayer and Google Translates tts web-service. I’ve had this idea for a while but was having trouble finding an flv player that would do all the things I needed:

  • mp3 format
  • no crossdomain restrictions
  • detailed player events

Google’s text to speech service has a 100 character limit so the text has to be chopped up and sequenced. This requires knowing when a clip finished. HTML object and embed tags don’t offer these events/listeners. The HTML5 audio tag does have the listeners I need, but the cross-browser media format support is extremely bad. My particular need, mp3, is not supported in FireFox. So, negative on the audio tag.

I tried 2 of the most popular flv media players jwplayer, and flowplayer. Flowplayer almost got the job done, but has a problem with content urls that include parameters. Something to do with JSON parsing and ampersands. jwplayer has major crossdomain restrictions, which made using Google’s tts service impossible.

I took another stab at it, and found jPlayer. Works great. I could definitely make some improvements in the transitions between 100 character chunks of text, but it’s pretty good for now.

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