Fancy Music Player

Fancy Music Player is highly customizable MP3 -Player in Flash with a HTML5 fallback. It first checks if the browser supports Flash 9 or higher, if not it will use a HTML5 version. So it runs on all iToys(iPhone, iPad …). You also dont need any Flash software to change the colors or dimensions, all this can be changed through the options. For example: Once you have set a color, the Flash and HTML5 version will get the new color.


  • mainColor – Set the main color
  • lineColor – Sets the line color
  • topGradientColor – Sets the top gradient color in the info window
  • bottomGradientColor – Sets the bottom gradient color in the info window
  • playlistTextColor – Sets the text color of the tracks in the playlist
  • playlistBackgroundColor – Sets the background color of the tracks in the playlist
  • width – Sets the width of the player
  • playlistHeight – Sets the height of the playlist
  • autoPlay – Enables/disbales autoplay
  • downloadable – Enables/disables the download/link option for each track
  • swfPath – Sets the path of the FancyMusicPlayer.swf

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