Ascensor Plugin

Ascensor is a plugin that manage and adapts the content to fit the window. Subsequently, he created a navigation system and links as needed.

Ascensor identifies div child of the container selected, and he make one floor per containter founded.

Ascensor is based on the plugin scrollto (

Ascensor plugin link :


Will select every div in the #content div and:

  • Make them a stage of the site.
  • Add in every div a link for the next div (the last one go to the first child) (can be change).
  • Create a visual navigation (can be change).
  • Deactivate the arrow key. (can be change).
  • Never see two content in the windows (adapt and scroll to the active content)
  • Create friendly Code.
  • Every div as the class “ascensor” and the id ascensorN (N is the div index).
  • Every link as the class “ascensorLink”and the id=”ascensorLinkN” (N is the div indexI).
  • Every dt as the id=”ascensorNavigationButtonN” (N is the div index).

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