Drill Down Bar Chart

JSON data driven bar chart plug-in that creates a classable bar chart with flash style animation effects.
Features include:

  • Automatic Data Navigation
    • Will automatically setup drill down events using predefined data or links to external data
    • Will automatically setup drill up bread crumbs using historical data
  • Animations
    • Animated initial load up like many flash charts
    • Animated drill down does a zoom in effect on the bar selected
    • Animated drill up does a zoom out effect from the previous bar selected
  • Liquid Layout
    • Bars, legends, and fonts expand and contract to fit their container
    • Each load of the chart recalculates the font size needed to fit all containers for each axis
  • JSON Compatable
    • Will work with predefined drilldown structures
    • Works with JSON URLs to load drilldown data via AJAX
  • jQuery UI Compatable
    • Works with UI scripting and CSS platform
    • Works with theme switcher
    • Predefined examples for working with existing UI CSS structure provided

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