Featured Content Glider

This script lets you painlessly showcase new or featured contents on your page, by turning ordinary pieces of HTML content into an interactive, “glide in” slideshow. For the ultimate in the ability to customize its look, the pagination links are also ordinary links that you define on the page, but with special CSS class names inserted when it should perform a certain task (ie: “toc” class if it’s a pagination link). This means the pagination links can be styled and arranged any way you like. The script enlists the help of the jQuery library for its engine. Lets see a rundown of the script’s features now:

  • Both the contents to show as part of the glider plus the pagination links used to toggle them are created from ordinary HTML content on the page. The pagination links can be styled, arranged, even selectively removed anyway you like.
  • The gliding contents can be retrieved from an external file on your server via Ajax, instead of defining them inline on the page.
  • Pagination interface is gently faded into view.
  • Supports two different display modes- “manual” and “slideshow.” In slideshow mode, the glider automatically rotates the contents until the user explicitly clicks on one of the pagination links to view a particular content.
  • With slideshow mode, specify optional number of cycles glider should go through in slideshow mode before it stops.
  • Supports keyboard navigation, whereby the left and right arrow keys when pressed moves the glider one panel back and forth. new
  • Ability to configure the “glide in” duration (in milliseconds), plus glide direction..
  • Optional persistence feature to remember and recall the last content viewed by the user when they return to the page within the same browser session (session only cookies).
  • Multiple Featured Content Sliders per page supported.

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