3D Levitation Plugin

This a plain one waving effect onto the web page, for which result stereoscopic experience.
This sample side was ready quickly in order that he presents it the plugin his function in a living example. In the later time I will put additional examples out here, I leave it to your fantasy till then if you ask it, who does what with this how the plugin. To be useful plain…

JavaScript example:

$('#sprite1').levitation(30, 50, 40);
$('#sprite1').levitation(80, 20, 20);
$('#sprite1').levitation(50, 30, -10);
$('#sprite1').levitation(10, 34, 66);

and HTML:

<img id="sprite1" src="sprite1.png">
<img id="sprite2" src="sprite2.png">
<img id="sprite3" src="sprite3.png">
<div id="levi_messgae">Hello</div>

useless style:

.levi {position: relative; overlow: hidden; width:100px; height:80px;}

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